Introducing the Blockchain Initiative Energie+

“More than just (Bit-) Coins!” – Based on this conviction, the EDNA Bundesverband Energie Markt & Kommunikation e.V. founded the „Blockchain Initiative Energie+“ (BCI-E+) back in November 2017. The initiative’s focus is on energy-specific business models and functionality based on blockchain.

BCI-E+ wants to investigate possible applications and suitable frameworks based on concrete business models. From an extensive list of topics, at first three task fields were defined:

  • Technology (including the development of a show case)
  • Markets (including analysis of the impact of Blockchain on existing market (roll) models)
  • Regulation (including information offers for politics and regulation)

At the time of BCI-E+’s foundation, there was no such interest-group in existence focused on the specifics of the energy industry. Therefore, this initiative was deliberately not founded as an EDNA project group, but as an independent platform in which also non-EDNA-members can and should participate.

Nor is membership of the Blockchain Energy Initiative dependent on a specific industry affiliation. BCI-E+ addresses companies from all areas of business, such as IT service providers, the traditional energy industry, start-ups or new energy providers.

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